Tavistock Goes Totally Locally

Totally Locally, the award-winning shop local campaign, will launch in Tavistock on Saturday July 13th.

We are going to have a Totally Locally market with stalls from local traders and many of the local shops offering the townspeople and festival-goers the best of local produce, and fantastic offers to celebrate Tavistock’s independent shops and businesses during the event.


Tavistock is the latest of many towns across the UK to take up the Totally Locally campaign. This free initiative supports Tavistock’s traders to show the value of local shopping and its benefits for the local economy. Many of the shops, businesses and stalls will have special offers – highlighting Totally Locally’s message that if everyone in Tavistock spent just £5 a week in local independent shops, it would bring an extra £2.6 million into the town’s economy every year.

“This is a chance for locals to discover Tavistock’s great shops and businesses, and the real difference they make to our town,” said local resident Rachel Harrison-French.

The Totally Locally team is passionate about living locally and believes that the future of our towns is in their shops and businesses, their owners and the communities that build around them when they thrive. They believe the benefits to the environment from living a Totally Locally lifestyle are huge and necessary to create a sustainable future for Britain. They practice what they preach.

The team at Totally Locally HQ have created a Free Kit “The Totally Locally Town Kit” for towns to download & use for free. The kit tells how to get Totally Locally Town Teams together, how to organise an event, how to run proven campaigns like the Fiver Fest & Magic Tenner, how to take the right photo, even how to write copy in the correct tone of voice.

All the design templates and plans which have been used over the last 3 years for the campaign, along with a suggested timetable of what works best at what time are in the kit.

And it’s free? Yes it is. Truly. The Totally Locally team doesn’t charge and they don’t do advertising. They don’t ask for a bean for Totally Locally and fit this in alongside running their own businesses because they’re so passionate about what it stands for and the difference it makes.

The Totally Locally team state that the best approach for any ‘Shop Local” Campaign is when local businesses such as shops, printers, magazines, businesses, volunteers are willing to run the campaign themselves. That is why they created the Totally Locally Town Kit.

For more information on Totally Locally Tavistock please visit our website www.totallylocallytavistock.co.uk which will be live on July 1st, or visit our facebook group Tavistock Buy Local. Alternatively have a chat with Rachel Harrison-French on 07880 870239 or email info@totallylocallytavistock.co.uk


For more information on Totally Locally please visit www.totally-locally.co.uk.


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